The Ultimate Board Games and Their Digital Versions To Try

Enjoy playing the fun and popular new board games? Have you heard of Schism? Let us break the funniest news! It is one of the best ones – with great graphic design, the classic strategy game that is one of the most exciting ones which is why it makes it perfect for your whole family – it was even rated family friendly. We are true fans of the game which is why besides following the trends and revealing popular new board games, we also do in-depth research on all fun board games, including the Schism.

So, if you were looking for the popular new board games – look no further – we have all info on the Schism as well as other fun and exciting games!

Schism: A Trick-Taking Game of Bickering Bishops

If you enjoy the fast-paced popular new board games – you’ll love the Schism. It is meant to give an exciting, fast-paced experience to 2-6 players in a time of celestial warfare. Unlike other games where you have obscure information, the Schism is straight-forward – you are a celestial being and you claim the souls and influence the believers while you raise your own army of the damned or your legion of followers.

You move across the game using the grid board, and you go to different realms achieving your purpose in the game. Surely, it is an action-based game which gives you a lot to think about, just like the classic games where you need to think wisely before you make a move or a decision.

You move across the Life and The Other Side of the game, and exploit the resources as you try to win the game against the other players. Of course, this is exactly what makes this game very fun – you get to have the funnies time with your friends or family using tricks!

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Being a board-game enthusiast is a really amazing thing – you get to have many different games to play with your friends and you can always have fun – even when there is no electricity. However, some games gained more popularity than others, and if you are a board gamer, you probably know this. Just in case, make sure that you have these and you you’ve played them at least once in your life before calling yourself a board-game enthusiast – as the new releases of board games are out of this earth. Here are some suggestions we have for you:

  1. Cosmic Encounter
  2. Splendor
  3. Balance
  4. Welcome To
  5. Photosynthesis
  1. Jaipur
  2. Flame Rouge
  3. Azul
  4. Dead of Winter
  5. Spyfall

Play Free Digital Version of Your Favorite Board Game

In today’s time, it is only reasonable why people have fun online, and the gaming industries, including the board game industry have to build a strong strategy to maintain the trends. Luckily for all of us, we can now play our favorite board games online – and with added fun too. For instance, one of the most popular things that board game geeks do is playing online casino games that have board game themes. Specifically, we are talking about legal online casinos which offer thousands of different, themed slot games that give you a chance to enjoy your favorite board games on their slots, and you have a chance of winning real money prizes which adds the excitement

These legal online casinos besides offering real money winning slot games also offer a lot of attractive casino bonuses. With these casino bonuses – like the no deposit casino bonus for example, you have a chance of playing casino slot games versions of the most popular board games including Cluedo, Monopoly, Slots and even Dungeons and Dragons for free!

The Best Rated Strategy Modern Board Games

In order to help find your next addictive game, we’ve done the research and we present you with the 5 best rated strategy modern board games you must try:

Secret Hitler

Have fun with your friends finding who Hitler amongst all of you is!

Game of Thrones

Win over the throne in a true game for board game geeks!


With amazing graphic design and even better gameplay, Euphoria is the perfect game for players of all ages!


Build your strategy and win over Kemet!


You and up to 4 other players can enjoy this war-themed game, as it is one of the best modern ones!