Red Barton Took Off Spectacularly! Available On Steam Tomorrow!

Red Barton Took Off Spectacularly! Available On Steam Tomorrow!

As you know, Red Barton and The Sky Pirates is coming to Steam tomorrow, Mar 14, and to celebrate the occasion, we organized a game presentation and giveaway on Sunday, Mar 12.

The event had a very positive vibe from the very beginning and gathered gamers of all ages.

Yay! You beat the boss!

Our friends at KGB e-sports provided us with the space, a very well equipped game room  in the broader Belgrade city center area, where all the guests could play the game on more than 20 computers.

Also, we had cookies! Adorable gingerbread airplanes, that disappeared at Mach 3 speeds straight to the guests’ stomachs.

Godzilla would’ve been proud watching us munch on these

At the end of the event we organized a giveaway where we handed out T/shirts, as well as some serious gaming peripherals, provided by our sponsor EWE Comp. A big THANK YOU for putting smiles on the lucky winners’ faces.

Negan got a little nervous, so we gave him one of the peripherals…

The event was followed by several members of the media, and we’re looking forward to their reports, as well as the game reviews.

And finally, after a whole year of gathering ideas, relentless typing, clicking, hours upon hours of work, we are more than happy to see the game on Steam tomorrow.

Check out the full photo album at our Facebook page!

Happy flight, Red!