More like beta…

More like beta…

Hello there, our dear community.

We, the dev team, want to thank you for interest in our game and all feedback that we received so far – both good and bad.

It was – and still is – our intention to make a cute lite shooter game, which we may have failed for some, but to those (and all others) we are here to announce that we are not finished yet, and that both windows and mac versions of the game will continue to mature until it becomes what it was meant to be.

It is our intention to continue to provide patches at least once a week, with bug fixes but also new content, until all things are polished to the point it was intended. It may take a few weeks, but we will get there, and hope to see you at the other end – which we will certainly celebrate with gifts for everyone who supported our work, especially those who bought our game.

Meanwhile, a separate team is doing marvelous work for mobile (android and ios) version which already looks so nice that it gives us thoughts of possibly retrofitting some of the new stuff that was being developed on mobile version to desktop version as well – of course, only if it is an improvement.

For those who are interested in the reasons, the reasons it went this way are the oldest in the book – time frames, release dates, lack of experience, postponements, real-life distractions – you name it. As a new and inexperienced team which started with just a 3 people, it was almost inevitable… We not only worked hard on challenges of making this through as our first game, we also wanted it to be multi-platform, to have 11 language translations, and even to work nice on mobile devices – bite a bit too big for our little team stretched from Serbia to Canada, with United States and France in between.

So we worked, and postponed and postponed, but then the clock ran out and the game had to be published. Yes we know now the game maybe should have been released in some other form, like early access or open beta, but you can add that to our non-experience and bad judgment as well.

With best hopes, to the sky and away!