Digital Versions of Popular Board Games

Board games offer numerous options for adults on the market, where card games are often the best known in this sector. And no, we’re not talking about the inappropriate (but enjoyable) version of” Cards Against Humanity,” poker or one, but about a multitude of original games you may not know that will change your Friday night plan in the company of your best friends. In this article, we will talk about some of the most fun and popular table games of the time.

  1. The colonists of Catan, the board game par excellence

The colonists of Catán is one of those board games where the cards represent the most precious good of all the competition. Each of them represents one of the four categories of resources (wood, wheat, brick, and sheep) needed to build roads, towns, and cities: the main objective of the game. This table game of German origin, invented by Klaus Tauber, has already become one of the most valued in the world. As we can read in this article by table gamer, in 2015 it managed to exceed 20 million units sold, a figure that placed it in a place of equal or greater importance than the famous Monopoly. The exciting thing about this game is the negotiation of players to exchange the resources or cards they need to win the game. Since the colonists of Catan were born, the game has been translated into multiple languages and has developed different versions. These include digital texts, such as the one designed by Xbox 360, Nintendo, Windows and those to play online from Windows or Mac. Another example is the recent version of Game of Thrones, have you played yet?

  1. We don’t even doubt, the card game faster

In this game, the goal is simple: to win by making others lose. This ridiculous, chaotic, and delusional game is designed to last a few seconds or even 5-15 minutes (if you play slow). This speed provides the adrenaline that we also feel in other classic games, such as roulette, another alternative that you can buy on Amazon and that as mentioned in Betway Casino, has different versions such as American, European or French, to say some, making it a diverse, exciting and fast game. But if you’re looking for it, it’s a game where everything’s possible ‘‘let’s not test it a bit’ is your game. And in this crazy card game, you can beat your opponent by classic rock, paper or scissors, compete for height, fall victim to newborn kittens, or even fall because of a laser beam. Also, to add fun to the game, there are so-called “Chaos Cards,” 18 cards with which you will have to meet challenges such as saying a nickname to the player after yours to avoid losing. In this online store, it is possible to buy its Spanish version of Argentina, without a doubt you will spend a night laughing with your friends.

  1. Exploding Kittens, the one about adorable kittens and explosions

This game reminiscent of the card game one began its career by launching a Kickstarter campaign, which is easily surpassed in February 2015. And that’s because the board game got a funding of $ 8,782,571 through 219,382 sponsors. The aim of this game-which also features an uncensored version with Naughty illustrations – is not to exploit. And that is that different cards of explosive kittens are inserted into the deck so that the player who manages to avoid exploding wins the game. How to fight death? Using deactivation cards (which use lasers, belly rubs, and cat sandwiches) to deactivate explosive kittens.