Other Popular Board Games

Aren’t you the bar-going type? You are far from alone. It’s expensive; it’s noisy, you have to move around, you have to find a parking spot.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are other ways to have fun with friends!

Board games, which have long been associated with boring nights to play at Monopoly with his parents, are more fashionable than ever. We don’t want to take anything away from this great classic game, but there are a lot of choices on the market and for all tastes!

Here are a couple of perfect games for your party with your friends! Watch out for the pros: the list will present for you many classics.

The fucking game

A Quebec game that recalls the obscenities of “Cards Against Humanity”. It’s a game of associations with hilarious cards, and shocking! Not to play with your children, anyway.


The pandemic co-operative game is not going to cause too much fuss: you are all playing against the game together. The goal is to successfully counter the spread of disease around the world by finding cures. Each player plays a specific role and must cooperate with others to win the game against the game. You win as a team!

The Settlers of Catania

A classic for many, The Settlers of Catania is a resource management game. Simple in its regulations, however, Catania is very tactical and strategic. You need to block some opponents and get as many points as you can with your resources. By chance, yes, but so is a strategy.

Rail adventurers

You must take possession of the railway lines between cities with wagons. You can play for 2 to 6 players, and a game can last between 30 and 60 minutes. This is not the kind of game where you need all your concentration, so it’s perfect with a small glass of vino!


A visually stunning game, Tokaido also offers a quieter experience. For about 45 minutes for 2-5 players, the game features the legendary East Sea route linking Kyoto and Edo. Your goal and make a road trip along the way by collecting souvenirs (points!). That is beautiful and good.


A visual version of the Arabic phone, you have to draw, guess, draw, guess. The game can be played from 4 to 8 players. Laughter assured!


Progressive card game released in the 2000s that is played 2 to 6 players. The goal is to accumulate as many victory points as possible to beat the other players. You must use cards to buy and strengthen your deck. The concept is simple, but it’s all in strategic purchasing!

Sheriff of Nottingham

No need to have the French version of this game; everything happens with drawing cards. You’re going to have to practice your bluff tactics, because lying is super essential in Sheriff of Nottingham. You have to smuggle contraband through without getting caught by the Sheriff and telling him your merchandise is legal. Are you a good liar?

The Resistance

If you’ve ever played Werewolf and you’ve loved it, Resistance is a game for you! Two intruders-spies have to pretend to be part of the Resistance (The Good Guys) and ruin their mission. Attention baffles guaranteed!

7 Wonders

Another evolving card game where you need to develop civilizations around each of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. A game that does not necessarily require a lot of concentration and that can easily be played by neophytes!