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We’re an independent game development and publishing company based in New York, with talent across the globe – in USA, Canada & Europe. The company was founded by the Djordjevic brothers, Aleksandar and Igor, one in New York, and the other in Belgrade, Serbia, and they are the backbone of Schism. The “worldwide” in the name comes from the international idea of our company, avoiding centralisation and embracing the modern indie game studio model. We are a new player in indie town, and we plan on sticking around for years to come with original and fresh games.


Early historyThe story of Schism Worldwide started many years ago with two brothers, Alex and Igor Djordjevic, one living in New York, and the other across the Atlantic in Belgrade, Serbia. They collaborated for decades on the demo scene making demos, computer graphics and games with fellow geek friends as far back as early 90s.

After thatAs the region didn’t have a developed game industry with a lot of job opportunities, they made careers in other related digital fields, one in visual effects post-production working his way up to leading teams on some of the highest-profile commercials on the world market and many Hollywood features, and the other in IT and music production making a name for himself in the electronic music circles. In 2014 they banded together to start making games under the Schism Worldwide brand.


  • Redbarton



Trailer for our upcoming game Red Barton and The Sky Pirates YouTube

Gameplay video for our upcoming game Red Barton and The Sky Pirates YouTube


There are far more images available for Schism Worldwide LLC, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

Awards & Recognition

  • “Aleksandar Djordjevic was on the team of artist creating the visual effects for the Halo Reach commercial “Deliver Hope”that won the 2011 Visual Effects Society award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Live Action Commercial” – Los Angeles, 2011
  • “Aleksandar Djordjevic was on the board of the New York section of Visual Effects Society from 2011 – 2013” – New York, 2011-2013

Selected Articles

  • “Interview with Kosta Zdravkovic, Game Designer of Red Barton”
    – Red Barton – Road to Alpha,

Kosmoplovci HQ
The still active demo-crew Kosmoplovci’s website is still alive and running. Check it out for more relevant background on the artists of Schism Worldwide. You will find visual art, music, and much, much more. See the creative network that forms the hystorical backbone of our team!

Igor Djordjevic Bandcamp
Our CTO and sound/audio produced Igor Djordjevic’s music is now available on bandcamp!