Review on Schism

The Schism is a monster that appears in Silent Hill: Homecoming and Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The first time Alex Shepherd meets several of them is at Shepherd’s Glen Police Station.


He’s a humanoid-looking monster, tall, pale, and torn. Its most distinctive features are that it has an elongated head ending in a sharp, pendulum-like Blade and that one of its arms is twisted backward. His mouth passes through his elongated head vertically into the interior, as do some monsters from previous saga deliveries. It has a set of teeth that go all the length of its head, and when it opens its mouth, you can see them shaking together with the tongue. However, he usually only uses his flattened snout and claws to attack.


Speed is an excellent quality that Schisms possess. Therefore, the most prudent thing is to flee most of the time. Even though, when Alex becomes forced to face a Schism, the best option is the shotgun or some other firearm. If you are forced to a situation of combat body to body, it is best to attack him with a weapon that is lightweight, such as the knife or the pipe due to his cutting attacks are faster than any of the other arms of Alex.

If there is a possibility, while you are fighting against one, you have to try to attack it from the side of the back, as when you fight against a Needler.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

In Book of Memories, the Schisms are quite powerful creatures and appear from the Earth World. Their attacks are the same as in Homecoming, so it is advisable to kill them with firearms or with powerful hand-to-hand weapons. Its weakness is the circular saw so it is highly recommended that the player improve it whenever he can.


The schism could represent duality because its” head ” is split in two, but a pendulum could provide Alex’s fractured state of mind and his slow and constant assimilation of guilt. The Schism image is even more decisive when it is inactive, letting its “head” swing side by side like a swing hanging down. The schism has a box-shaped object in its genitals, which can symbolize sexual tension.

Another of the qualities to bear in mind is that the Right Hand of Schism is doubly articulated and twisted backward, while its left hand is forward. This again symbolizes a dual nature.

Schism can also be a representation of the division of the founders of Shepherd’s Glen and those of the order at Silent Hill. Since the pact was broken, these monsters would appear to punish the city for its actions.

Finally, the split head could represent Alex’s madness when separated from reality and division of his mind, as with the mental disorder known as “schizophrenia” (from the Greek: divide the brain). This is also linked when, obtaining the final Hospital, Alex is taken to perform an electroshock treatment, as he may have schizophrenia or other mental disorders.


  • If Alex is not relieved of a Schism when it grabs it, and cut him in half. To avoid this, you have to wait for a button to appear on the screen and press it as quickly as possible so that Alex pushes Schism at a distance that gives you some time to escape or attack.
  • In the otherworld version of Alex’s house, in the attic, there are a total of three hidden Schisms. Each of the Schisms is a representative of a Shepherd family member and how they felt about having to sacrifice and walk away from Alex because of their destiny.
  • The first Schism suddenly appears behind and aggressively towards Alex, who represents his father, Adam Shepherd.
  • The second Schism is hidden, trapped in a corner, which appears to be crying, which represents his brother Joshua Shepherd.
  • The third Schism is lying on the ground, which symbolizes that he has given up life, which represents his mother, Lillian Shepherd.
  • The defeat of a Schism for the first time will bestow the player with the achievement “personality unfolding,” perhaps referring to Adam Shepherd’s kindness to Joshua and his cruelty to Alex. He could also see to Alex’s schizophrenic tendencies. When schizophrenia was still widely misunderstood, many participants referred to it as a” double personality,” which should not be confused with multiple personality disorder.
  • The head of Schism resembles medieval torture devices called pendulums, designed to obtain a prisoner’s confession by dropping one of them on him, gradually oscillating towards his body over hours.