Schism Is the Must Play Board Game

The top board games that everyone must have played at least once in their life!

For more than 20 years the modern board game has been in full swing, and every year beats its record of releases. Here is our list of top board games you should have played at least once in your life. The must-sees. The essential.

Puerto Rico

Released in 2002, this resource management game introduced a new mechanism of action choice that benefits all other players at the table, with a privilege for the one who chose it. Very clever.

And seeing its island grow, with buildings and farms, is a pure Marvel.

To celebrate ten years of the game, a deluxe version was released in 2011. Dear, yes, but sumptuous. The 2002 version was still pretty ugly.

7 Wonders

Released in 2010, this deck of cards picked up all the prizes. Draft resources to manage to place other cards, and three ages with cards becoming more powerful. And expensive. Big box.

With two strong assets: the game can be played by up to 7 players without any slowing down since everyone plays simultaneously, and three extensions have been released since then, with a 4th in the pipes (but avoid the 3rd, Babel, a total failure).


Carcassonne is the Re-Invention Of The Domino. We put tiles in after the others. Simple, fluid, addictive.

Since its release in 2000, no less than 217,000 extensions have been published. About, I stopped counting — some more necessary than others. The basic version is however, already sufficient and complete.

Rail adventurers

An extremely fluid train game in which Cards are played to place wagons to connect cities on the board to fulfill its secret objectives, which must surely win the Palme of the longest sentence in history.

Since its release in 2004, like most of the other references already mentioned, many extensions have been marketed, including new regions, including certainly the best, Switzerland, the 2-3 player must. And I don’t say that (only) because I’m Swiss.

In 2018, two new clubs were released, New York, which takes place only in New York, and the Europe version. Both in “Discovery” mode with parts of 15-30′.


The game I refuse to play. Because I want to keep friends in my life. Released in 1994, this game is the most devious and deceitful. Alliances (very often betrayed), promises (never kept), low blows to TIR-larigot (I love this expression), Intrigue should be played in all the best formations of diplomacy, geopolitics, economy, and law. I mean, everywhere, just to rub against the worst facet of the human being.

And that’s good because the game has just been reissued in French at the beginning of 2016 with great illustrations.


Well, let’s stick with the games of assholes, the games where you lie and stick knives in your friends ‘ backs in joy and good humor. Masquerade, released in 2013, a very small game of cards in a small box for a big concentrate of bluff and bad faith.

The goal? Be the first to win 13 gold coins. To get there, we announce that we are a certain character with a certain power. The king who takes money, the thief who steals from others, etc. Subtle and addictive. More nervous and more fun than his older brother Citadelles (2000) by the same author.