Igor Djordjevic
Chief Technical Officer
Igor Djordjevic is company’s CTO and main sound engineer and music composer. He has founded and led digital art groups CoRRoSioN and then later Kosmoplovci from as early as 1992, conquering computer technology’s creative potential as it evolved. He has composed, produced, directed and published months of music, animation and videos in various formats and under different projects such as “Dominator“, “Speaker for the Dead“, “KDES” and “Faktor & Vektor“. Today he is heading the Schism Studio in Belgrade, Serbia. Some of his music is accessible at the Kosmoplovci bandcamp page and his personal soundcloud page.
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Jakov Jerkovic
Lead Unity Developer
Jakov Jerković is Schism’s chief collaborator for Unity 3D development. His rich experience in application development for desktop and mobile is the driving force behind our games. His background includes a very versatile set of skills, ranging from our core development environment Unity 3D to html5, C#, javascript and many other languages and development environments. His talent and energy bring a significant drive to the Schism machinery, and a connection with the next generation of game developers. We rely a lot on his ability to technically solve a lot of our art directors’ creative solutions, and suggest different approaches to the challenges of every-day development.
Aleksandar Opacic
Senior Art Director
Hailing from town of Zajecar, Serbia, Aleksandar Opacic is a known fixture in the illustration and alternative comic books scene in Europe. His unique style saw light in a variety of techniques such as print, classic painting, combined technique, ink, and many more. His talent spans comic book art & writing, 3D animation, photography, and merging together many ways of visual communication. Very prolific and a real workaholic, he is behind concept art and art direction of our company. Aleksandar Opacic is an alumni of the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Belgrade, with a BFA in Painting.
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Kosta Zdravkovic
Senior Art Director
Kosta Zdravkovic is a Creative Director based in Montreal, Canada and a huge collaborator of Schism Worldwide. He was the Senior Art Director at BBDO in Dubai, where he worked from 2005 to 2009. During those years he led some of BBDO’s award winning advertising campaigns such as Diet Pepsi – Fernando Botero and Skittles Sour – Herman. Prior to his position at BBDO, Dubai, he worked as an Art Director at CAN Advertising, DDB Needham in Belgrade. He has also worked as a freelance illustrator through out his career. Kosta holds a Master in Illustration and a BFA in Graphic Design from the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Belgrade. He is also an alumni of Animation Mentor – an online school of 3D animation based in San Francisco.
Evgeniy Samulenko
3D Generalist
Evgeniy Samulenko, aka Eugene, joined Schism from Minsk, Republic of Belarus. His long-term friendship with Jakov Jerković resulted in starting Eugene on a path of game 3D modeling and generalist work, and now have the pleasure of being the first game company on his resume. Graduate of Minsk State College of Electronics and a very talented artist with a good eye for detail and a lightning-fast learning curve, he has quickly won us over with hard work and dilligence and is quickly becoming an invaluable member of our team.
Aleksandar Djordjevic
Jack of All Trades
Alex Djordjevic is an established digital artist based in New York City and a relentless peddler of Schism Worldwide’s amazing work. He has been a part of the CG revolution since the early 90s, working as an illustrator and a pixel artist, showing his hand-made digital art on solo and group exhibitions, and eventually picking up a career designing and creating visual effects for film and commercials. Today he is one of the highly sought talents in the visual effects scene on USA’s East Coast, lending his art to numerous features and commercials for top brands and directors. Aleksandar is an alumni of the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Belgrade, with a BFA in Graphic Design.
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